Warm welcome to MedhaBikas Foundation

“Knowledge is power”  today the terms is used most. First the terms was used by Francis Bacon (1561-1626) . Bacon was many things. He was Lawyer, essayist, scientist and politician. Bacon truely realize the reality of this phrase. Knowledge! Knowledge! knowledge! Is it really true previously Bacon that’s said?

Yes! Yes! and Yes! knowledge is the most powerful things. Knowledge is fire, knowledge in air, knowledge is power.

Our honorable visitors you are most welcome to our organization and also a warm welcome to you. First let me introduce this organization to you. MEDHABIKAS foundation is a non-profit social welfare organization. Our mission is to help these being who is really a fighter against illiteracy and so eager to learn positive knowledge to contribute in the society. The holly Allha  made his creations among them all we are one creation. He (Allha) not only create his creation but also care it all, and we have a duty also to care ourselves and care any being which are created by Allha. The massive roll kept in head the Medhabikas foundation are doing its job. Sir Dr. Khalilur Rahman when planed about this organization then he kept this holly objective in his head to develop human being, improve human being by providing positive knowledge among our society. You can’t think about a prestigious, powerful, and educated nation without education. In this point we are trying to spread the great knowledge and education to our society with this organization. We are fighting hard against illiteracy and trying to spread the light of knowledge to our deprived society. In Medhabikas foundation we have some material to fight against this social evil, a small library, a small computer lab, and some collection of books are helping us to enrich our extra knowledge. over all we have the great desire to fight against this social evil, so its sure speech that one day the victory will really come true, then our society will be educated with real education and honorable and prestigious. Keep this dream in mind i am going to end now. Thanks for your passent reading..

Responsibility toward Society

Society! it’s opposite meaning is life. Living in a society man greatly can prosper in life because man gave got all support from society. If there any society is strong educated and prestigious, it can helps men greatly. and that’s why there is a responsibility toward us to build u our society as a wise prestigious and educated society, so that our society nurtured us and our next generation in a best way. But in the evening its a big responsibility toward all to build up that  society, it will be possible if we all will be kind to learn. The great writer in Bengali literature ‘Promoth Chowdhury’ had said that, ” Library is the main center for education.” In library you can learn you won what you are really needing for. From our responsibility we offer a small library for students, teachers, and also for others. We supply English and Bangla national newspaper for our member for free every day. And also some small computer courses to students. Build up your personality build up your win anywhere. For building personality library is a must. And you also know we offer library. I don’t want to lengthen my writhing, i am just want to say its our responsibility and for that Medhabikas foundation are operate its operation.